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About Us


Tradinportugal was born among a group of entrepreneurs with strong experience in e-business and electronic commerce. The concept that guides its foundation, a business center or "TradeHub" for B2B2C, is a pioneer in Portugal. Its objective is to facilitate online business for companies in the main sectors of the Portuguese industrial sector and support the expansion of their businesses globally.


Facilitate and help companies discover new commercial opportunities, cooperate in their transactions and promote relationships in doing business in Portugal and around the world.


Develop and implement by 2025 an e-business model of excellence in terms of trust and reliability that meets the best expectations of employees, customers and business partners in terms of e-commerce in Portugal and around the world.


Values are the pillars supporting our Vision, directly responsible for organizational culture and reflect the essence of our principles, beliefs and philosophy.

  • Trust and Reliability as factors of organizational excellence
  • Integrity in purposes and relationships with employees and society in general
  • Teamwork as a factor of cohesion and mutual respect
  • Continuous Innovation as a competitiveness factor
  • Passion for managing people and processes
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