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At Globaltradin, we are committed to helping SMEs in the strategic sectors of our economy and propel their businesses on the path to sustainable growth, supported by a network of professional 828 sales experts. We customize our programs to maximize each step of your journey as a customer and user of's SAPIO COMMERCE platform.

Our program is designed to create a network of partners, including institutional partners such as business associations, and service providers offering support in export assistance, logistics, transportation, financial services, and value-added services. These partners play a crucial role in providing comprehensive support to businesses across different sectors, ensuring their success and expansion in the global market 

We identify in this group, civil society companies or central, regional or local administration entities, such as commercial or sectoral business associations. Globaltradin can bring substantial input to its member communities or other stakeholders.

The Globaltradin Strategic 8usiness Partner brings together companies that provide services of recognized value in the different markets where they operate and that can support companies participating in the program as vendors or sellers, in the area of financial and product logistics, with a
demonstrated ability to work on
Cross-8order markets. in 828 and 82C business models.

VAP is essentially a service company, already established in the market, whose added value lies in providing direct support to vendors and sellers on the SAPIO COMMERCE platform. lt is a two-way process in terms of value creation, as it allows mutual gains for the parties involved.

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