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The products supporting the internationalization of Portuguese companies include financial instruments and insurance that facilitate expansion into international markets. Banco de Fomento offers favorable export credit tines, as well as programs like Portugal 2020, which provides European funds for internationalization projects. COSEC (Companhia de Seguro de Créditos) provides export credit insurance, protecting companies against the risk of non-payment by foreign clients. These financial products are essential for mitigating risks and ensuring that Portuguese companies can effectively compete in the global market, providing the necessary confidence to explore new markets.

The services supporting internationalization encompass specialized consulting, training programs, trade missions, legal assistance, and logistics services. AICEP Portugal Global (Agency for lnvestment and Foreign Trade of Portugal) offers consulting for market analysis, entry strategy development, and product adaptation. AICEP also organizes trade missions and international fairs, promoting networking and the creation of strategic partnerships. Additionally, logistics service companies play a crucial role in the management of products and transportation, ensuring the efficient movement of goods between countries. These companies offer solutions ranging from storage to distribution, optimizing the supply chain and reducing costs and delivery times. Specialized legal support helps navigate the complexities of foreign markets, ensuring regulatory compliance and legal protection.  

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