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Short presentation of Portuguese Economic Clusters

Portugal hosts a variety of economic clusters, which are concentrations of interconnected businesses, suppliers, and associated institutions in particular industries. These clusters enhance competitiveness and foster innovation through collaboration and efficient resource utilization.

The Aerospace Cluster is primarily located in the Lisbon and Alentejo regions. lt focuses on the manufacturing of aircraft parts, maintenance services, and aerospace engineering. Key players include OGMA (Indústria Aeronáutica de Portugal) and Embraer. This cluster benefits from strong ties with research institutions and access to European markets.

The Automotive Cluster is centered around Porto and Lisbon. lt specializes in the production of automobiles, automotive components, and related services. Volkswagen Autoeuropa and Bosch are major companies in this cluster. The region's skilled workforce, robust supply chain, and proximity to key European markets contribute to its strengths.

The Textile and Apparel Cluster is mainly located in the Northern region, around Porto and Braga. lt focuses on textile manufacturing, fashion design, and clothing production. Key players include lnditex (Zara) and Salsa Jeans. The cluster is known for its innovation in sustainable fashion and the combination oftraditional craftsmanship with modern technology.

The Cork Cluster is predominantly based in the Alentejo region. lt specializes in cork production and processing, including wine stoppers and construction materiais. Corticeira Amorim is a leading company in this sector. Portugal is the world's largest producer of cork, renowned for its quality and sustainability.

The Wine Cluster spans various regions, including the Douro Valley, Alentejo, and Vinho Verde. lt focuses on viticulture, wine production, and wine tourism. Major players include Sogrape Vinhos and Symington Family Estates. This cluster benefits from a rich heritage, diverse wine varieties, and increasing global recognition.

The lnformation Technology and Startups Cluster is concentrated in Lisbon and Porto. lt focuses on software development, tech startups, and digital innovation. Notable companies include Farfetch and OutSystems. The cluster thrives due to a vibrant startup ecosystem, government support, and access to a skilled tech workforce.

Portugal's economic clusters are pivotal in driving the country's economic growth, innovation, and international competitiveness. By leveraging their unique strengths and fostering collaboration, these clusters continue to play a crucial role in the nation's economic development.  

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